Gaub spring/fountain

    Walking Trails

Grade: medium
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Destination: Gaub spring
Availability of water: Gaub spring

This hiking trail does not start at the lodge. A drive of approx. 20 minutes in your own all-terrain vehicle or one of the lodges’ will take you there. The track will guide you through gorges, past cliffs and you will be able to discover rock formations, which are millions of years old. Erosion has done its part and presents geology to you like an open book. You will find water here at the Witberg and Gaub fountain throughout the year, which enables the aware hiker to see spoors of baboons, birds, leopards and other wildlife. Rostock Ritz is not a hunting farm, so even the leopards show no sign of aggression and no cause for danger. This hiking trail is recommended for winter time April to September.

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