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12.000 hectares of unlimited vastness. A glance in all directions emphasizes the stillness and serenity. There are no walls or fences to obstruct the spectacular view across the endless plains, which are comfortably enclosed in the far off distance by mountainous terrain, intensifying the feeling of boundless nature. A soft breeze gives rise to a wave like motion through the sweeping grassland, stretching unto the horizon. A squirrel darts to hide behind a rock, a Korhaan strides unhurriedly into the bush. The guests, sitting on their own private terrace of their bungalow, watch nature’s spectacle awe-inspired, taking in the peaceful atmosphere, which has an enormous calming effect after a long journey. The moment is right to start your holidays.
Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge is nestled comfortably against the slope of a mountain, comprising a row of detached guest rondavels, the main building and a lapa with a swimming pool. Embedded harmoniously into this untouched landscape, the lodge is hardly visible to the untrained eye, coming from the main road which leads towards the south, to turn onto the farmroad, which leads to Rostock Ritz.
No hunting activities are carried out on this proud piece of land, enabling herd of Zebras, Springbuck, Ostriches and Oryx to roam the vast land.
The shy leopard and variety of wild cats can be found in the Canyons of the Gaub. Our hiking trails provide best options on the early hours of dawn and dusk. A waterhole close to the lodge draws a variety of game to be observed in the golde rays of light, being flooded across the plains, just before the sun decides to set behind the mountain range.
The lodge and guestrooms permit endless views of the surrounding nature. The Rotstock mountains to the North and the colourful sand dunes of the Namib desert to the South. Piet Odendaal, a well-known architect has designed the uniquely shaped bungalows, which have been built into the granite rock to melt harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. The question: “Why round?” is often being asked. – The shape, no doubt, conveys an African flair. Sandstorms prevail in this region from time to time, so the round structure, not needing a conventional roofconstruction, proved to be most effective. In addition, the cave-like concept creates a feeling of security and comfort in the wilderness of Namibia.


Initially named “Rotstock”, this area has been named after the so called Rotstock Mountains to the north, comprising large amounts of red gneiss. Rotstock has lost a letter along the way in the 60’s, when farm divisions took place and is today known as “Rostock”.
The farm “Rostock South” lies west of the escarpment in the eastern region of the Namib desert. Annual rainfall measures a mere 100mm which means that the rivers are dry most of the year and flow periodically only. The Gaub river flows in westerly direction into the Kuisebriver, through the rocky Namib Naukluft Park.
Natural springs and rockpools can be found in the riverbeds of the Gaub, Rotberg and Witberg. A variety of grass and shrubs alternate, depending on the season. Acacias occur mostly in the riverbeds.
The Witberg (white mountain) to the southeast derived its name from the white and weather resistant marble, which forms the mountain ridge and the geological Corona formation. The Rotstock mountain with its red gneiss forms the northern boundary of the farm and is lovingly nicknamed by the homelanders “Ayer’s Rock”. Here you can explore the cave with historical bushman paintings, which are well preserved and a thousand years old.
KÜCKI – The Man behind it all
Wolfgang “Kücki” Kühhirt, a born Namibian gained his education and professional German/Swiss training as hotelier overseas. He came back to establish the legendary restaurant Kücki’s Pub at the coast. In 1989, 20 years later Kücki decides to roam the desert to build Rostock Ritz – certainly the only Ritz in the world surrounded by rock and desert.
Situated in this marvellous scenery, Kücki has developed a business principle, according to which only Namibians are being employed at the lodge and trained with utter patience and thorough knowledge of the hotel industry by Kücki personally. The guests receive excellent service and the well trained and friendly personnel is grateful to comply with every request. This aspect puts Kücki amongst the front-runners countrywide.
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Rostock Ritz offers our guests a variety of excellent meat dishes, accompanied by fresh vegetables and salads in our own A la carte restaurant.
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