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Scenic drives and trips in the Namib Desert: sand dunes and 4x4 adventure

Scenic drive – 2 hours
You will experience the beauty of our semi-desert in one of our all-terrain vehicles. Red sand dunes will rise before you and glow across the hilly landscape. Geological structures and rock formation give away the age of the Namib. We will discover rare desert plants and perhaps a few Hartmann-Zebras. Spectacular views across the endless desert will lead us to the final awesome viewpoint, ending this rather short tour with the delight of a “sundowner”.
4x4 drive – Bushman paintings – 4 hours
Enjoy a one hour adventure drive, 20 min climb to the cave and 20 min back. Hiking shoes are a must.
This genuine 4x4 drive will bring you close into the landscape and geology of the oldest desert you will ever find! A short up-climb will reward you with a gallery of a thousand year old rock paintings, preserved in our so called Rotstockberge. They are still in good condition and have been created by generations of Bushmen. From a point with a spectacular view we will enjoy the surrounding nature with a delicious “sundowner”.

Prices (are per person incl. 2 drinks)
Sunset Scenic drive (2 Hours / min 2 people): N$ 550.00
4x4 Cave Paintings drive (4 Hours / min 4 people): N$ 950.00

10 different unguided hiking trails (1 - 8 hours): free of charge

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