The Healing Powers of the Desert

12.000 hectares of unlimited vastness. A glance in all directions emphasizes the stillness and serenity. There are no walls or fences to obstruct the spectacular view across the endless plains, which are comfortably enclosed in the far off distance by mountainous terrain, intensifying the feeling of boundless nature. A soft breeze gives rise to a wave like motion through the sweeping grassland, stretching unto the horizon.

A squirrel darts to hide behind a rock, a Korhaan strides unhurriedly into the bush. The guests sit quietly on the terrace of their bungalow, taking in the peaceful atmosphere after a long journey through the Kuiseb Canyon. “Having been on the road, and especially coming from a city with a high noise level, we feel the buzzing in our ears without fail”, explains Kücki Kühhirt, who manages his privately owned lodge, Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge, since 1998. “In the stillness of this landscape one begins to realize how much noise usually accompanies us in our hectic world. Motor vehicles and trucks drive through our cities, children laugh, music plays in bars or blares out of car radios. We are surrounded by a constant noise level – everywhere and at all times”. The unbelievable stillness has drawn the well known hotelier from Swakopmund to come and live on the farm.
The inner peace, which guests also experience upon arrival. Built in round shapes, the reception area and the bungalows welcome us in a comfortable manner, especially the restaurant, which has a cave like appearance, though open and spacious to move and breathe freely.

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Rostock Ritz offers our guests a variety of excellent meat dishes, accompanied by fresh vegetables and salads in our own A la carte restaurant.
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